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Oak Clover Pastures is a farm where we work with the land to provide clean, nutritious forage for our animals. Our goal is to learn from nature and rotate our animals on the land to help the land work at its fullest potential. When the land is able to grow at its fullest potential then we are able to grow our animals with the most nutritious crops.

We have seen how happy animals produce the best meat that can be harvested. This happy meat is then able to provide us, the consumer, with the best quality and highest nutrition of meat possible for our diets. Our mission is to provide our local and cosmic families with the most nutritious food possible.

The Passion For Oak Clover Pastures

Our goal is to see the earth regenerated and full of diverse thriving living life in all things plants, animals, and especially people.

We use regenerative ranching & farming methods to improve and restore soil health, ecosystems and the overall environment. Foundational to our aim is to enhance soil fertility, biodiversity, and water quality while reducing the use of synthetic inputs.

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Customer Testimonials

You can taste the difference between the ground beef I bought here and store bought ground beef. It's better.
Jane Kirk
I was pleasantly surprised by the fast delivery they offered and the communication while my order was in transit.
Allan Toe
I got this for a barbecue. The patties were a hit with everyone in attendance. They are juicy and taste delicious.
Bill Smith
The order arrived on time, I made it for our family dinner and there was no left overs. My kids ate it all up. Easy to cook with too.
Daisy Kent

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